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  • Automated QC, Automated Content Verification, file based qc

Do you receive large volumes of content on regular basis and still rely on manual processing for scanning and sorting the content into your workflow?
RapidTM add-on module saves you numerous hours by automating the content scanning and sorting process. You can use Rapid in combination with Pulsar in-depth verification at various stages of your process to design an efficient, QC workflow. Rapid can be used seamlessly from the Pulsar interface thereby allowing seamless administration for your operators. It can also be used through Pulsar web-services API. Read more to understand how Rapid can help you achieve more with your workflows.

Workflow Gatekeeper

A variety of parameters such as incorrect media parameters, invalid file names or incorrect file extension can render incoming content unsuitable for your workflow. Rapid can act as a workflow gatekeeper helping you spot these issues quickly and automatically before content gets inside your workflow.

Fast Scanning

Rapid works at blazing speeds and taking only a few minutes to process a typical media file boosting the efficiency of the entire workflow. There is no longer a need to scan hundreds and thousands of files manually. This helps you use your resources more efficiently. Moreover, the files with issues can be automatically quarantined along with reports helping you interact with your suppliers efficiently.

Auto Sorting

With its innovative and easy to use rule-based structure, you can define video/audio/container rules and accordingly sort the files into appropriate folders for subsequent processing. This feature and its intuitive user interface, is unique in the industry and provides you with unmatched ability and control in managing your incoming content efficiently and effectively.

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