• Automated QC, Automated Content Verification, file based qc
  • Automated QC, Automated Content Verification, file based qc

With file-based workflows increasingly moving to the cloud, it is only natural to have your file-based QC process within the cloud as well, taking advantage of scalability and efficient resource planning inherent in the native cloud applications. QuasarTM helps you perform file-based QC on your cloud assets with ease. Encompassing all the latest features of PulsarTM; industry’s most efficient automated content verification solution used by many large media corporations worldwide, and built natively for the cloud architecture, Quasar promises the fastest rate of QC in the cloud.

Top reasons to use Quasar

Native Cloud Solution

Quasar is a native Cloud solution and is optimized to work with multiple cloud platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Oracle DIVA. You can directly browse your cloud storage and Quasar ensures that the content access from your cloud location is optimized to give you the optimum performance.


Move from CAPEX to OPEX; and pay only for what you use with Quasar. You can choose from a range of monthly plans that are designed for different content volume and applications

Easy Integration

Quasar exposes REST API which can be easily integrated with your application. Sample codes and scripts are available for a variety of platforms that makes it easy for you to integrate Quasar.

Wide range of Checks

Perform technically complicated checks such as Field dominance, Blockiness or Active Aspect Ratio with Quasar.

Adaptive Bitrate QC

With built-in support for adaptive bitrate formats such as Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming, you can deploy Pulsar in web delivery environments.


Quasar is elastic and can be dynamically scaled to any size without needing users’ intervention. You never have to worry about varying content volumes. Just post them to Quasar for processing and it will be processed quickly.

Comply with the latest industry standards

Make sure your media is in compliance with regulations and standards such as the EBU R128 or CALM act.

Popular Templates

Readymade factory templates for popular application such as Netflix, DPP, ARD-ZDF, iTunes etc. helps you start right away without spending time on creating templates

How can Quasar fit into your workflow?


Use Quasar as a platform without ever worrying about infrastructure.

  • Hosted Service on multiple clouds
  • Completely usable by REST API
  • Dynamically scalable to any level
  • Can be used with our flexible monthly plans


Setup and use Quasar within your own environment.

  • Works on any public or private cloud
  • Completely usable by REST API
  • Dynamically scalable to any level
  • Can be used with our flexible monthly plans
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