6x faster than real-time analysis for HD files now a reality with Venera Technologies Pulsar File-Based Automated QC

BURBANK, California – February 09, 2016

Pulsar users can now process HD files up to 6x real-time speeds and can achieve up to 12x throughput with every Pulsar license

Venera Technologies has started the New Year with a bang and is very pleased to announce ground breaking performance upgrades to its Pulsar Automated file-based QC system. Pulsar has been the fastest QC system in the market for many years and this upgrade further ups the ante and increases the value for the users. Pulsar can now process a 1080p HD file up to 6x times faster than real time, meaning a 60-minute file can be analyzed in as quickly as 10 minutes. If the user processes four files at a time, then they can achieve a throughput of up to 12 hours of content analyzed in every hour.


QC analysis performance is a very important criterion for organizations dealing with large content volumes. Higher performance means faster results and lesser QC software license requirements for a given content volume. With its improved performance, Pulsar allows organizations to meet their workflow requirements with a lower investment while the QC operation runs with higher efficiency.


Due to multi-screen, multi-format deliveries, content volumes have significantly increased for organizations and they realize that it’s no longer possible for them to rely on manual QC. Additionally, there are a number of video/audio quality checks which are best accomplished with file-based QC systems instead of the manual QC process. Pulsar fits nicely into the customer’s workflow due to its easy to use API as well as its integration with leading workflow solution vendors in the industry, such as Aspera Orchestrator, Telestream Vantage, or Evertz Mediator. Many of Venera’s customers have large Pulsar installations and they use Pulsar 24x7x365 to verify the media content they receive and before the content is published for the end users.


“We are very happy to bring out the new performance upgrade which will have a significant impact on the efficiency of our customers’ workflows. The upgrade is available for existing as well as the new customers. If you are looking for an efficient and yet powerful QC tool, you will be pleased with how quickly Pulsar can process your content.” said Vikas Singhal, Executive Director, Business Development at Venera Technologies.


Pulsar is a file-based automated content verifier system designed to seamlessly automate content QC and ensure the quality of file-based media in a fast, simple, flexible, and integrated manner at various stages of the content workflow. Pulsar now powers many live workflow systems across the globe and is a preferred QC solution for many well-known organizations worldwide.


About Venera Technologies


Venera provides cutting-edge solutions to the digital media industry. Since its inception in 2003, the company has continually delivered innovative video analysis products tailored to the evolving requirements of its customers and the industry. Venera’s flagship offering, the Pulsar™ automated file-based QC solution, along with its Rapid add-on module, improves the operational efficiency of file-based workflows by automating content QC processes. Ensuring consistent content quality throughout the workflow, Pulsar is the QC tool preferred by some of the largest media companies worldwide.


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