Venera Technologies makes CapMate®, its cutting-edge Caption/Subtitle QC solution available on the AWS Marketplace

Burbank, USA – January 11, 2024

Venera Technologies further extends the reach of its CapMate® caption/subtitle verification and correction solution by offering it on the AWS Marketplace

Venera Technologies, a leading provider of cutting-edge Audio, Video and Caption QC solutions for the media and entertainment industry, is thrilled to announce the availability of CapMate®, it is advanced caption and subtitle QC and correction cloud native solution on the AWS Marketplace. CapMate® is the first solution of its kind to be offered on the AWS marketplace.

CapMate, with its machine-learning engine and advanced verification algorithms, contains a long list of caption QC capabilities. Some of these capabilities are: detection of audio/caption sync issues, caption overlap on burnt-in text, missing captions, caption overlap, spelling and profanity. These capabilities are provided for a large number of frequently used languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and many more.

CapMate provides the user with the unique ability to not only detect variety of caption/subtitle issues, but the first solution to provides an intuitive interface to review the result as well as automatically or manually correct the issues and generate a new caption file.

Offering CapMate on the AWS Marketplace provides numerous benefits to the users, including:


  • Simplified Procurement: Users can easily discover, purchase and deploy CapMate directly from the AWS Marketplace,


  • Unified Billing: Users with existing AWS accounts and contracts, benefit from consolidated billing as CapMate charges are integrated into their regular AWS invoice, simplifying financial management and providing transparency to the overall costs,


  • Built-in Security: AWS Marketplace adheres to high-security standards, and users can trust that CapMate inherits the security features of the AWS ecosystem. This instills confidence in users regarding data protection and compliance,


  • Informed Decision-Making: Users can leverage reviews and ratings from other customers on the AWS Marketplace to make informed decisions about the suitability and effectiveness of the CapMate solution for their specific needs.


“We are thrilled and very proud to be the first to bring such advanced caption/subtitle QC and correction capabilities to the AWS Marketplace, through our CapMate solution. Passing the very stringent guidelines for acceptance to the AWS Marketplace shows Venera’s commitment in providing the best of breed solutions in the most popular cloud-centric marketplace for the benefit of our customers,” said Fereidoon Khosravi, Chief Business Development Officer at Venera Technologies.


Venera Technologies is dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology and security, ensuring that its services consistently meet the evolving needs of the media and entertainment industry.


You may search for ‘Caption QC’ on AWS marketplace (https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace) or contact Venera Technologies at sales@veneratech.com for more information.


About Venera Technologies

Venera Technologies provides cutting-edge file-based QC solutions to the digital media industry, tailored to the evolving requirements of its customer and the industry. Venera’s Quasar® the first native cloud-based QC solution, was developed natively for the Cloud environment with features such as dynamic scalability and usage-based pricing model, along with advanced QC functionalities. And Venera’s Pulsar™ automated file-based QC solution is for on-premise deployment, with the same QC functionalities as Quasar. CapMateTM, the native cloud Caption/Subtitle verification and correction solution, is the first comprehensive solution for verifying caption or subtitle side car files that can accurately and quickly detect (and correct) and report on complex issues such as caption sync and Standards compliance. Venera’s suite of QC solutions is used by some of the largest Media companies in the world, as well as a number of smaller boutique post houses and production companies. www.veneratech.com

Venera Technologies Contact:

Fereidoon Khosravi

Chief Business Development Officer

Email: sales(at)veneratech.com