NAB 2010 Preview – Exciting new capabilities of the Fastest Automated Content Verification Software unveiled at NAB

NAB, Las Vegas, Booth # N6917, April 11-14, 2010

Venera is again exhibiting at NAB with exciting new capabilities in Pulsar Automated Content Verifier.


Pulsar is a file-based content verifier system that automates the content QC processes in a broadcast work flow. Maintaining operational efficiency while ensuring content quality is significantly important for broadcasters and content providers. We will demonstrate the following new Pulsar capabilities at NAB that allows higher than ever efficiencies in content QC work flows:


Hot folder enhancements


  • Live hot folder: Users can now analyze the content as it is being copied into the hot folder. This can save crucial time when a content comes into a facility and is to be transmitted in a very short time. Now, users don’t have to wait for the content to be
    copied completely before it can be analyzed.
  • Virtual hot-folder: Users can now create a content list in XML format or shortcuts and drop into the hot folder. The content will then be automatically picked up from the corresponding locations and analyzed. This feature can save significant time if users want to make use of hot folders but still don’t want to move the content into a hot folder for analysis.
  • FTP hot folder: Users can now also setup their ftp sites as the hot folders. The content can be automatically fetched from these locations and analyzed. This feature allows broadcasters/content providers to improve QC efficiency without making significant changes in their work flow.


Track Layout


Unique feature in Pulsar allowing users to verify the structure of their content. Users can define their layout in Pulsar along with audio/video parameters for testing.


Audio Loudness


Users can now check the audio loudness levels of their content as per BS.1770/1. Audio loudness control is becoming an important requirement world-wide. Pulsar is the first product that allows users to check for audio loudness at the file level. Many hours of audio content can be tested per hour using Pulsar thereby improving the operational efficiency significantly.




Dolby-E is now supported as an option. All the audio analysis features in Pulsar are available for Dolby-E. You can now check for key audio parameters such as loudness, peaks and silence for Dolby-E files.


About Venera


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