Venera Technologies announces Pulsar QC components for Digital Rapids Transcode Manager and Kayak

New Delhi, India – September 03, 2013

Venera introduces “PulsarK” and “PulsarBridge” components for Digital Rapids’ media transformation software and workflow platform

Venera Technologies is pleased to announce PulsarK, an in-line variant of Pulsar Automated QC for use with the Digital Rapids Transcode Manager® 2.0 automated media transformation software and its underlying Kayak® workflow platform. PulsarK will be demonstrated at both the Venera booth (Booth # 8.A98) and the Digital Rapids booth (Booth # 7.F33) during IBC 2013.


A self-contained component integrating directly into Kayak-based workflows, PulsarK provides inline, ongoing QC analysis of input sources and the output of preceding workflow steps on-the-fly with instant quality feedback. Combined with Kayak’s automated decision-making capabilities, this feedback enables in-progress workflows to adapt immediately to QC results, maximizing efficiency. Users can incorporate PulsarK at any point within their customized Transcode Manager and Kayak workflows.


In addition to PulsarK, Venera’s other Kayak-based component, PulsarBridge, will also be demonstrated at IBC 2013. The PulsarBridge component can be inserted into a Kayak-based workflow for connecting with a separately installed, standalone Pulsar automated content verifier. PulsarBridge, therefore, acts as a link between Transcode Manager and Kayak workflows and existing Pulsar installations. Both the PulsarK and PulsarBridge components provide a comprehensive QC toolset for Transcode Manager and Kayak users.


“With innovation at the core of the company’s culture, Venera Technologies’ objective is to provide useful, easy-to-use solutions to our customers. PulsarK innovates by providing on-the-fly QC within file-based media production workflows”, said Fereidoon Khosravi, Senior Vice President of Business Development – Americas, at Venera. “It also allows users to design intelligent workflows that integrate seamlessly with other complimentary Kayak-based components. This new approach results in unprecedented flexibility and efficiency for users dealing with new age workflows.”


“Automating quality control is a key aspect of maximizing efficiency in file-based workflows, allowing users to minimize time-consuming manual effort and costly errors. Inline QC capabilities create further efficiencies by enabling workflows to adapt as soon as QC errors are detected, eliminating significant time that might have been wasted processing flawed media inputs,” said Onkar Parmar, Senior Partnership Manager for Kayak at Digital Rapids. “Venera’s Pulsar QC solutions for Transcode Manager 2.0 and Kayak are designed to address these needs at multiple points in our users’ workflows, and we’re excited that Venera is bringing them to our joint customers.”


“We are privileged to be partnering with the Digital Rapids team and providing our mutual customers with an offering that lets them achieve a very high level of efficiency with a combination of Digital Rapids’ toolsets, Venera Pulsar QC components and other third party components,” added Vikas Singhal, Executive Director of Business Development at Venera. “At IBC, we will demonstrate how PulsarK can perform immediate QC on incoming and in-process media and how its feedback can be used by upstream processes to perform adaptive, intelligent media transformations. We are very excited about this relationship with Digital Rapids.”


PulsarTM is a file-based automated content verifier system designed to seamlessly automate content QC and ensure the quality of file-based media in a fast, simple, flexible and integrated manner at various stages in the content workflow.


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