Venera showcases Industry’s first Automated Content Verification Solution (Pulsar) that can perform rapid QC, sorting and in-depth verification in one solution

New Delhi, India – August 31, 2011

enera Technologies, a leading provider of video test & measurement solutions, is pleased to announce Rapid, its brand new offering that allows automated rapid checking and sorting of content in file based workflows. With Rapid, broadcasters and content providers can now perform very quick QC and sort at certain stages of their workflow that don’t require in-depth content analysis, saving significant time. Rapid comes integrated with “Pulsar – Automated Content Verifier” providing operators a complete, agile QC solution across the workflow. Pulsar is the world’s first Automated QC solution that can perform rapid checking, sorting and in-depth content verification in one solution.


“We are committed to make automated content QC easy and effective for the industry; and Rapid is another step forward in that direction. Pulsar along with the Rapid add-on can significantly reduce human touch points in the workflow”, said Vikas Singhal, Executive Director – Business Development at Venera.


Venera will also demonstrate latest enhancements to its suite of T&M solutions, “Pulsar – Automated Content Verifier” and “VM Analyzer – H264 and MPEG-4 bitstream Analyzer” at IBC 2011.


Pulsar – Automated Content Verifier. Pulsar is the fastest, most user friendly and comprehensive file-based automated content verification solution. With its extensive feature set, proven performance and reliability, Pulsar is now an integral part of many important broadcast operations worldwide.


VM Analyzer – H264 and MPEG-4 bitstream Analyzer. Venera recently acquired Mindego Analyzer from Mindego Inc. VM Analyzer is a leading in-depth, comprehensive bitstream Analyzer for codec developers and integrators allowing very detailed interactive analysis of media files. Venera will showcase the latest version of Analyzer with important functional enhancements at IBC.


About Venera


Venera specializes in providing cutting edge solutions in the field of digital media. Since its inception in 2003, the company has been delivering quality, innovative solutions and creating long-lasting relationship with its customers. Simplifying challenges, Venera strives to offer clean and innovative solutions to its customers. The company provides a wide range of solutions, starting from the test and measurement solutions for the broadcast and codec market, to enterprise solutions for corporate training and distance education. Solutions created by Venera are trusted by over one hundred organizations worldwide including companies such as SSVC, France 3, Encompass Media, Astral Television, MPC, Hughes, UFO Moviez, Sony, Canon, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Philips, and Nokia.


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