Venera Technologies announces Ref-Q, a reference based video comparison technology as part of Quasar®, its Native Cloud File QC solution

Burbank, USA – July 01, 2021

Quasar® now supports reference-based QC that allows automated comparison of a media file with its ‘master’ reference file, providing frame-by-frame reporting of differences

Today, Venera Technologies announced the availability of Ref-Q, a Reference-based QC technology, allowing the ability for an automated ‘side-by-side’ comparison of a file with its master reference file, reporting back any discrepancies. This is yet another critical and much requested feature to Quasar®, its native cloud QC solution, saving numerous person hours for the users.


Frequently, multiple iterations of the same media file must be created to meet various business needs and distribution markets. The process of transcoding the master file to derivative formats may cause unintended issues such as video dropouts or significant degradation in content quality. As a result, operators must watch each version carefully and closely to ensure no differences are introduced in each new version. The “Ref-Q” feature of the Quasar file-based cloud QC service provides the means for the operators to automate this comparison, reducing time and increasing accuracy. Quasar will produce a detailed report identifying any frame from the test file that is different from its corresponding frame in the master/reference file.


Many media files are distributed worldwide and accordingly, localized versions of such files are created where any frame that includes signs or text in English is replaced with a similar frame in the local language. Studios and other media companies have been in need of an automated way to extract all such texted frames and compare them with the localized version. Prior to “Ref-Q”, that was a manual process. With this new feature, studios and media distribution companies have an efficient and cost-effective automated means of getting a frame-by-frame report of all such differences, reducing their manual inspection costs.


“With the introduction of ‘Ref-Q’ feature in our native-cloud Quasar QC solution, we are pleased that we can now address this requirement requested by our customers. We believe ‘Ref-Q’ will have a great positive impact in automating and expediting the comparison based QC, resulting in cost savings and increased accuracy.”, said Fereidoon Khosravi, SVP of Business Development at Venera Technologies.


This new automated reference based QC feature of Quasar® cloud-based QC solution addresses what studios and media companies have been asking for and that is the capability to compare a ‘derivative’ file with the ‘reference’ file in an automated manner and report any variation, frame by frame. Ref-Q can save numerous man-hours required in spotting such differences which may sometimes also be missed during manual checking.


With its monthly or annual subscription-based pricing, or its unique Ad-hoc usage-based pricing, Quasar and its Ref-Q feature is available to media companies of any size as well as media professionals.


To arrange for a demonstration of Quasar, learn more about the ‘Ref-Q’ capabilities, or ask for a free trial, please contact Venera Technologies at sales@veneratech.com.


Read more about Quasar at www.veneratech.com/quasar-file-based-qc-on-cloud/.


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Venera Technologies provides cutting-edge file-based QC solutions to the digital media industry, tailored to the evolving requirements of its customer and the industry. Venera’s Quasar® the first native cloud-based QC solution, was developed natively for the Cloud environment with features such as dynamic scalability and usage based pricing model, along with advanced QC functionalities. And Venera’s Pulsar™ automated file-based QC solution is for on-premise deployment, with the same QC functionalities as Quasar. CapMateTM, the native cloud Caption/Subtitle verification and correction solution, is the latest addition to Venera’s QC suite of products. It is the first comprehensive solution for verifying caption or subtitle side car files that can accurately and quickly detect (and correct) and report on complex issues such as caption sync, caption overlap on burnt-in text, profanity, timing issues, and Standards compliance. Venera’s suite of QC solutions is used by some of the largest Media companies in the world, as well as a number of smaller boutique post houses and production companies.

Venera Technologies Contact:
Fereidoon Khosravi
SVP – Business Development
Email: sales(at)veneratech.com