Venera Technologies announces the support for automated caption correction and caption translation in its CapMate® caption/subtitle verification and correction solution

Burbank, USA – September 5, 2023

Cloud native CapMate® further extends its capabilities by providing fully automated caption correction as well as support for caption translation and generation

Today, Venera Technologies announced that CapMate, its cloud native caption/subtitle verification and correction solution, has further extended its time saving capabilities by adding the ability to automatically correct caption/subtitle issues without need of manual intervention, as well as the ability to translate captions to user requested languages and generate new caption files in those languages.


CapMate already provided a rich list of caption correction features. But these corrections were semi-automatic, still requiring operator involvement. With this new enhancement, CapMate can automatically analyze captions, detect issues, and correct them, generating new corrected caption files without any manual interventions. If desired, the auto-corrected and the uncorrected versions will still be available to review. This feature will further increase caption/subtitle QC workflow efficiencies for customers with large inventory of content to process.


Furthermore, CapMate now has the capability to translate the primary caption file into other user requested languages. It gives the user the ability to review the original captions and generate new translated caption files in various caption file formats. This will significantly improve the caption generation process for the content that needs to be presented globally in multiple languages. This will be of great help as content localization needs continue to grow rapidly.


“Given the incredible volume of new as well as library content that is being presented to and consumed by consumers, the need to improve the caption processing workflow efficiencies by fully automating the caption correction process, is a much asked for feature. Additionally, with expansion of content consumption worldwide and added need for localization, the ability to allow generation of translated caption files in multiple languages, based on the base caption file, will improve efficiency in preparation and delivery of content to consumers worldwide.” said Fereidoon Khosravi, Chief Business Development Officer at Venera Technologies.


CapMate contains a long list of caption QC capabilities such as detection of audio/caption sync, caption overlap on burnt-in text, missing captions, Characters Per Second, Character Per line, Caption overlap, spelling, and profanity. Moreover, CapMate provides an intuitive interface to review the result as well automatically or manually correct the issues and generate a new caption file.

You may contact Venera Technologies at sales@veneratech.com to arrange for a demonstration of CapMate or ask for a free trial.


About Venera Technologies


Venera Technologies provides cutting-edge file-based QC solutions to the digital media industry, tailored to the evolving requirements of its customer and the industry. Venera’s CapMate®, the native cloud Caption/Subtitle verification and correction solution, is the first comprehensive solution for verifying caption or subtitle side car files that can accurately and quickly detect (and correct) and report on complex issues such as caption sync and Standards compliance. Quasar® the first native cloud-based QC solution, was developed natively for the Cloud environment with features such as dynamic scalability and usage-based pricing model, along with advanced QC functionalities. And Venera’s Pulsar™ automated file-based QC solution is for on-premise deployment, with the same QC functionalities as Quasar. Venera’s suite of QC solutions is used by some of the largest Media companies in the world, as well as a number of smaller boutique post houses and production companies. www.veneratech.com


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