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Position Id Position Experience Requirements
SD-C02 Senior Software Engineer C/C++ 3+ years
  • Excellent coding skills with C++ language- Proficiency in data structures, algorithms and programming concepts
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, with quick adaptation to new technologies, methodologies, and systems
  • Self-starter, having positive attitude, ability to proactively identify issues and/or opportunities for improvement
PL-W01 Project Leader (WEB Application) 7+ years
  • Excellent technical skills for PHP, MySQL, Java Script, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3- Experience in Frameworks like JQeury, Bootstrap, Angular JS
  • Strong organizational skills required; including good time management skills
  • Managing and mentoring team members, Project Estimation, planning and Tracking
LE-C01 Lead Engineer 4+ years
  • In depth understanding and excellent coding skills with C/C++ language- Good understanding of object oriented design
  • Experience in software programming and debugging/troubleshooting
  • Outstanding problem solving skills
  • Fast learner & openness to try different tools, technologies & concepts




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Who we are

Venera Technologies is one of the leading Digital Media technology companies whose Digital Media QC solutions are trusted worldwide by top media organizations to certify their media content before delivery. We have been in the business since 2003 and have come a long way to become one of the most trusted companies in the media technology domain. We have two distinct business verticals – “Test and Measurement” and “Digital Media Solutions”.

Test and Measurement

The Test and Measurement group is focused on creating solutions for Television broadcasters, IPTV/Cable/Web video delivery companies, Post-Production houses and R&D labs.


Pulsar is a media content QC automation solution that allows one to perform automated QC of media files before they are ready to be delivered. It is used by leading broadcasters, content service providers and post-production houses worldwide.


Quasar is a cloud based QC platform designed for content workflows in cloud. Especially designed for OTT content providers and Online Video Platforms who use ABR content, it is available in “SaaS” and “Your Cloud” options with a variety of monthly plans.

Digital Media Solutions

The Digital Media Solutions group is focused on developing applications such as Virtual Classrooms, Transcoders and Streaming applications.


CutCompress is a versatile solution which not only processes media content but also have innovative editing features for content creators that bring down the content creation time significantly. UFO Moviez, a pioneer in Digital cinema space in India, uses this solution to process their Digital Cinema content.

Iera Virtual Classroom

IERA is a virtual classroom solution which allows one to deliver live content from a central studio to thousands of remote locations. With array of rich interactive features, IERA has now become one of the leading solutions in the Virtual Classroom space. It boasts of 700+ class rooms connected over VSAT and is being offered as ”EduBeam Services” in partnership with ‘Valuable Edutainment Services Ltd.”.

Venera Culture

We attribute such recognition to our rock-solid engineering team which is constantly engaged in learning, innovating and delivering world class solutions. There are multiple reasons that drive this team towards pursuing excellence.

Sheer excitement to work on cutting-edge digital media technologies involving Video.

Joy of seeing the impact of one’s work in customer’s day-to-day business.

An usually open culture bringing every member closer to the Venera family.

Allowing one to strike right amount to work-life balance.

It is needless to say that people form the core of Venera and hence whatever we do must lead to happiness and satisfaction in individual’s life. We consciously pursue a simple guiding principle and that is An employee should be excited to come to office in the morning and filled with sense of accomplishment by the end of the day.

Rest Assured life at Venera is never dull!

Awards and Recognition

Venera has been recognized globally with the following awards:

Pulsar Automated QC awardPulsar product was awarded the prestigious 2013 NAB Pick Hit Award by Broadcast Engineering society

Pulsar Automated QC award

Pulsar Pay-Per-Use product was a finalist for the prestigious IABM Design & Innovation Awards 2014