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Venera Technologies is a video solutions company widely known for its innovative products and solutions worldwide. Since its inception in 2003, Venera has been a front runner in digital media space. It was one of the first companies to introduce video analysis products in 2003 thereby helping accelerate early adoption of new codec standards such as H.264.

Solutions from Venera are widely appreciated for their innovative features, driven by customer operational and technical needs and interests. Our approach has always been to constantly look for and empathize with customer’s pain points and provide innovative, easy to use solutions to meet their needs. At Venera, we appreciate active participation from our customers in sharing their insight and suggestions to better our products to solve their problems. We are truly a customer driven company.

We are also well aware that the quality of our solutions must be impeccable since our customers rely on the result of our tools to make critical operational decisions. This remains core to our efforts for development of various test and measurement solutions like the one mentioned here.

Pulsar Automated Content Verifier

Today, Venera’s flagship product “Pulsar – Automated Content Verifier” is used worldwide by leading organizations such as Disney, ESPN, Encompass Media, and Telecom Italia for automating content QC processes from Ingest through Delivery. PulsarTM was one of the first solutions to introduce capabilities such as loudness measurement on files, track layouts and QC for adaptive bitrate content. Pulsar is the product of choice for organizations looking for an easy to use, high performing and accurate automated QC solution. Learn More >

Iera Virtual Classroom Solution

On another front, in 2010, we introduced “Iera – Virtual Classroom Solution” for live/distance trainings. IeraTM was the result of our understanding of the growing gap between aspiring students and quality teachers in India. Iera brings technology innovation to classrooms by features like 3D video, Video Mosaic and multi-network clients. In partnership with Valuable Technologies, today Iera is deployed at hundreds of locations across India. Learn More >