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Boasting the flexibility of a cloud solution and the security of a dedicated on-site system, Pulsar Pay-Per-Use (PPU) makes the advanced QC functions of the acclaimed Pulsar automated file-based QC solution immediately available to facilities of all sizes. This is increasingly important as a growing number of broadcasters and content delivery companies demand that content suppliers of all sizes, big or small, QC all of their content prior to their delivery.


You no longer need to make upfront investment in purchasing a QC tool if that doesn’t fit into your budget or business model. Move from CAPEX to OPEX and align your investments with your revenues. With Pulsar, you have the flexibility to pay either by content hours or a monthly subscription.

Easy to Use

Designed for operators, Pulsar has an intuitive interface and simple configurable reports. With logical grouping of errors along with user-defined configurations, Pulsar ensures that you are not bogged down with a large number of unnecessary errors.

Customer Stories

Many customers are already enjoying the Pulsar advantage, validating large volumes of content 24×7. Read more >

Better than Cloud

If your content resides inside your facility, then you never have to move your content out of your facility for QC. Pulsar PPU is installed inside your facility and all the analysis functions are performed locally. With Pulsar PPU, you never have to worry about the security of your content or investing into additional network bandwidth for uploading the content. Analysis or re-analysis results are immediately available, saving you numerous hours.

Wide range of checks

You can perform technically complicated checks such as Digital Hits, Blockiness or Field Dominance with Pulsar. You can also make sure your media is in compliance with regulations and standards such as the DPP, EBU R128 or CALM act. List of checks >

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