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  • Automated QC, Automated Content Verification, file based qc

PulsarTM is the fastest, most comprehensive and versatile file-based Automated QC system in the market. It automates quality check and control at every stage of the content life-cycle. Along with RapidTM add-on module, Pulsar can be used to perform quick scanning, QC, auto sorting and in-depth verification at any stage of the workflow. What’s more, it’s incredibly simple to use.

Fast & Scalable

Processes your HD files at 6x real-time. You can set-up a Pulsar farm for high content volumes.

Wide range of Checks

You can perform technically complicated checks such as Digital Hits, Blockiness or Active Aspect Ratio with Pulsar. You can also make sure your media is in compliance with regulations and standards such as the EBU R128 or CALM act. List of checks >

Flexible Analysis

Pulsar, in combination with its Rapid add-on, gives you unprecedented flexibility in workflow design. You can perform quick scanning-sorting or in-depth QC at workflow stages of your choice. Read more >

Workflow Integration

Pulsar is based on SOA architecture and has integrations with multiple leading suppliers in the industry. Check out our technology partners or write to us for more details.


Designed for operators, Pulsar has an intuitive interface and simple configurable reports. With logical grouping of errors along with user-defined configurations, Pulsar ensures that you are not bogged down with a large number of unnecessary errors.

Adaptive Bitrate QC

With built-in support for adaptive bitrate formats such as Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming, you can deploy Pulsar in web delivery environments. Read more >

High Availability

Pulsar supports failover redundancy for automatic take-over in case of hardware failure ensuring 24×7 operations.

Customer Stories

Many customers are already enjoying the Pulsar advantage, validating large volumes of content 24×7. Read more >

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