No more Content QC headaches

Pulsar makes it incredibly simple!

  • Fastest Analysis Speed
  • Wide range of analysis parameters
  • Widely integrated

Why waste time on manual QC?

Pulsar also available as Pay-Per-Use

  • Affordable
  • No CAPEX
  • Ready-made Templates
  • Secure with local installation & analysis

Flexible Payment Options

  • Pay by Content Duration OR
  • Use Monthly Subscription

Boasting the flexibility of a usage based solution and the security of a dedicated on-site system, Pulsar Pay-Per-Use (PPU) makes the advanced QC functions of the acclaimed Pulsar automated file-based QC solution immediately available to facilities of all sizes. This is increasingly important as a growing number of broadcasters and content delivery companies demand that content suppliers of all sizes, big or small, QC all of their content prior to their delivery.

Small production and post-production organizations who need to have access to file-based QC tool but can’t afford to invest in a dedicated license, can now use Pulsar PPU. Pulsar PPU allows such organizations to access Pulsar QC capabilities without any CAPEX. Users can virtually deploy a working QC system within minutes.

Wide range of Checks

You can perform technically complicated checks such as Field Dominance, Cadence Digital Hits or Active Aspect Ratio with Pulsar. You can also make sure your media is in compliance with regulations and standards such as the EBU R128, CALM act or OP-59 recommendations. List of checks →


You no longer need to make upfront investment in purchasing a QC tool if that doesn’t fit into your budget or business model. Move from CAPEX to OPEX and align your investments with your revenues. With Pulsar, you have the flexibility to pay either by content hours or a monthly subscription.

Customer Stories

Many large and small organizations worldwide customers are already enjoying the Pulsar advantage, validating large volumes of content 24×7 as part of their production workflows.

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Designed for operators, Pulsar has an intuitive interface and simple configurable reports. With logical grouping of errors along with user-defined configurations, Pulsar ensures that you are not bogged down with a large number of unnecessary errors.

Secure and Efficient

If your content resides inside your facility, then you never have to move your content out of your facility for QC. Pulsar PPU is installed inside your facility and all the analysis functions are performed locally. With Pulsar PPU, you never have to worry about the security of your content or investing into additional network bandwidth for uploading the content. Analysis or re-analysis results are immediately available, saving you numerous hours.

Some common checks

Digital Hits or Video Drops

Digital Hits or Video Drops

Camera Dead Pixels

Camera Dead Pixels

Audio Loudness (Audio Waveform)

Audio Loudness

Active Region

Active Region

Flash Frames

Flash Frames

Audio Peaks

Audio Peaks

Chroma Drops

Chroma Drops

Color Bars

Color Bars

Audio Clipping

Audio Clipping

For complete list of checks, download Pulsar brochure

Customers’ experience

Pulsar Editions

  Professional Standard Pay-Per-Use
No of simultaneous files 4 1 1
Audio formats All All **
Audio checks All All All
DD/DD+ * * * N
Dolby-E * * * N
Nielsen watermark * * * N
PCM/MPEG Loudness correction * * * *
Video Formats All All **
Video Checks All All All
VC-1 Supported Supported N
Adaptive Bitrate Formats Supported Supported N
Harding PSE * * * N
Container Checks Supported Supported Supported
Container Formats All All All
Media Player * * * *
Controller Plus * * N N
Watch Folders Supported Supported N
Web Service API Supported Supported N
Maximum cores 32 8 4
Verification Unit cluster Supported N N
Rapid * * N N

* Optional feature
** Selective formats available. Contact us for more details.

Verification Unit Cluster: Ability to cluster multiple Verification Units together to process a larger number of files simultaneously.
Controller Plus: Ability to provide automatic fail-over redundancy for the Pulsar Controller.
Rapid: A module that allows to quickly check and sort media files based on metadata header information.
Media Player: Media player linked with Pulsar reports for visual review.

Pulsar pricing

By Content Hours

  • Up to HD (1080 i/p) – $15 per hour ($0.25 per minute)
  • Above HD – $21 per hour ($0.35 per minute)
  • Loudness correction – $1.5 per hour ($0.025 per minute)
  • Harding PSE – $1.5 per minute
  • Charged on the basis of actual content duration

* A minimum of $3 will be charge for every file analyzed


  • Base – $500 per 30 days
  • Loudness correction – $90 per 30 days
  • Harding PSE – $1.5 per minute
  • Charged for unlimited 30 days usage on ONE system

Documents Library

Video Resources

Pulsar file-based QC overview

Pulsar can be used by broadcasters, IPTV/Cable/OTT operators, Production/Post-Production and Archiving companies to improve the efficiency of their file-based QC workflows.

Pulsar/Quasar at SMPTE 2016

AT SMPTE 2016 we participated in an interview along with one of our customers, 3rdiQC, to talk about the growing need of content QC.

Pulsar Pay-Per-Use overview

Use Pulsar’s powerful file-based QC capabilities with a Pay-Per-Use offering without compromising the security of your content and without making any CAPEX.

Pulsar at IBC 2014

Video interview with Post Perspective at IBC 2014 discussing the new announcements and enhancements at the show.

White Papers

Efficient QC for Adaptive Streaming content in file-based workflows

Increasingly, viewers are now consuming content over heterogeneous devices and networks. This ranges from low end hand-held devices running over traditional wireless networks to high-end televisions streaming HD content over IP networks. Many of these viewers/users also sit behind corporate firewalls that do not allow anything other than HTTP content to pass through

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Pulsar Rapid – A new efficient approach to content QC

Broadcasters, operators, and OTT service providers are processing increasing volumes of file based content. Where-ever possible, this content undergoes QC using traditional file based content QC solutions. These solutions support wide range of formats and quality checks but are not always the best answer to the emerging content QC needs

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Pulsar Content Verifier for Broadcasters

Broadcasters have been using home grown scripts and manual verification to validate the content till now but with the increased complexity and the content volume, it is no more a practical solution

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Article in TV-Bay KitPlus magazine (November 2014 Edition)

“File-based QC systems for small and mid-sized media organizations: challenges and benefits” by Vikas Singhal.

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Pulsar Review – Streaming Media (August 2012 Edition)

“Venera Pulsar Review: Quality Control for Adaptive Streaming” by Jan Ozer.

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